ArthoVive(For Joint Pains and Arthritis)


The Arthovive(Herbal Formula Capsule) is a NAFDAC APPROVED treatment that has been specially formulated to address Joint Pains, Arthritis and Inflammation around any of your joints, restore the joints, improve mobility and naturally restore them to their healthy form.


It gives you Comprehensive Relief: Whether it’s your knees, waist, or back, it addresses all your pain points.

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Complete Freedom from Joint Pains and Arthritis

Are you or someone you know struggling with Joint pain & Arthritis?

Knee Pain, Waist Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Wrist Pain, Feet Pain, Ankle Pain and Swelling around any of the joints Could Be early Symptoms of Arthritis.

Arthritis takes a lot from many people every day. It can make it hard to work, affect relationships, and limit how freely you can move. It’s like a quiet thief stealing away the things that make life enjoyable and easy. Arthritis isn’t just a health issue; it’s a tough challenge that changes how people go about their daily lives.

Beyond the physical toll, arthritis can lead to emotional strain, causing stress, frustration, and a sense of helplessness. The stolen moments of joy, the freedom to move without pain – these are daily losses that collectively paint a vivid picture of the far-reaching impact of arthritis on the lives of those it touches. It’s not just about joints; it’s about stolen opportunities, compromised well-being, and the ongoing resilience needed to face each day.

Are you tired of arthritis stealing your joy, hindering your movements, and affecting your daily life? The constant pain and limitations can be overwhelming, leaving you searching for a way out.

Say goodbye to Arthritis and Joint Pains with this NAFDAC APPROVED Product!


Truva Naturals Herbal Formula Capsule is a NAFDAC APPROVED treatment specially crafted to bring relief from Knee Pain, Waist Pain, Back Pain, Swelling, stiffness, and Inflammation around any of the joints.

Truva Naturals Herbal Formula Capsule provides painful joints the nutrients they need to repair, helps keep them healthy and lubricated, move freely and function better.

This powerful and effective formula was developed after many years of research. It is a unique combination of herbs and nutrients formulated to reduce pain and inflammation, improve mobility, and heal damaged tissue.

This formula is highly effective in providing natural relief for achy, stiff joints, and chronic pain. It promotes the comfort, mobility, and health of your joints.

The natural ingredients contain anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that combine to make a very safe, powerful and effective supplement to decrease the pain and stiffness in worn, painful joints. Anti-oxidant’s have also been shown to decrease muscle soreness associated with exercise and may facilitate injury recovery.

Imagine waking up and starting your day without stiff, aching joints, or walking without your joints hurting. Truva Naturals Herbal Formula Capsule helps to restore what age, or wear and tear, stole from you, and does it SAFELY.

Benefits of using ArthoVive

1. Versatile Relief for All Types of Joint Pains:

Say goodbye to specific pain-targeting drugs. This capsule offers versatile relief, addressing ALL KINDS OF JOINT PAINS, from osteoarthritis to lumbar spondylosis, ensuring that every joint pain point is comprehensively covered.

2. Combatting Arthritis at Its Core:

Go beyond symptom suppression. ArthoVive is specially crafted to combat arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis. It works to alleviate inflammation and promote joint restoration for a more active and pain-free life.

3. ArthoVive Advantage:

Embrace a holistic healing journey. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs that often focus on symptom relief, The Herbal Remedy Capsule addresses the root cause, working in harmony with your body for comprehensive joint health.

4. Swelling Reduction and Improved Mobility:

Experience relief that goes beyond masking. This capsule actively reduces swelling around joints and enhances mobility, allowing you to regain control of your movements and enjoy a more flexible lifestyle.

5. Comprehensive Pain Relief:

Don’t settle for partial relief. Whether it’s your knees, waist, back, or any joint, this capsule comprehensively addresses all your pain points, providing a full-spectrum solution for joint discomfort.

6. Gentle on the Body:

Experience relief without harsh side effects. The natural ingredients in this capsule provide a gentle solution, minimizing the risk of adverse effects often associated with pharmaceutical drugs.


NAFDAC endorsement adds a layer of credibility and assurance to ArthoVive. You can trust in its quality, safety, and adherence to regulatory standards.


We are fully Licensed by the Lagos State Government and the Ministry of Health to practice Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM).

9. Peace of Mind

You have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable and natural solution, backed by NAFDAC approval, Licensed by the Lagos State Ministry of Health and continuous support from Truva Naturals.


Most of the aging, pain, and inflammation in our bodies can be traced back to free radicals. These free radicals weaken us physically, cause changes in normal healthy cells, and make us more susceptible to a variety of diseases. They also induce tissue damage, impacting our resilience to the stressors of modern life. Because this NAFDAC Approved Herbal Formula Capsule contains strong anti-oxidants as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients, it works to reverse this free radical damage on a cellular level.

We know you need more than words; you need results. You’ve seen countless treatments come and go, but what sets us apart is our proven track record. ArthoVive has been a ray of hope for countless individuals. They’ve regained freedom from Joint Pains and Arthritis, And you can too.


Join Our Success Stories

Join countless others who have embraced the transformative power of ArthoVive.
Say goodbye to joint pains and welcome a life of flexibility, comfort, and vitality.
Mr Kelvin Agali
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"I have used this product for about 2 months now and I am amazed at the results. The arthritis in my knees is practically gone. I can move freely without pain. The stiffness in my shoulders is also gone. I take 2 tablet once a day and it has eliminated the pain medication I was taking for years. This product is awesome! Thank you for letting me try it."
Mrs Okafor Queeneth
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"This is a great product for anyone with joint pain and inflammation. I recommend you try it. My daughter and I used it and we love the results."
Mr Temitope Matthew
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"I'm a 60 year old man and I'm in very good physical shape, but the aches and pains from arthritis were getting to me. I started using this product and within 30 days my aches and pains were gone! I highly recommend trying this product!"
Mr Kingsley
Read More
My wife has been using this product for a few weeks now and she is feeling much better. Her range of motion is much better and she has more energy. This is a great product."
Mr Emenike Nwankwo
Read More
"I can't tell you how much I appreciate finding this product. I'm a total skeptic (I've tried everything), but this really helps. I have been using it now for about 3 weeks and have noticed a big difference in my hands. They don't ache or hurt as much anymore, and the swelling has gone down so much. Thank you for making such a great product!"
Mrs Janet Oluremi
Read More
"I have been using this herbal capsule treatment for about a month now. It has really made a difference in how my hands feel. I can bend my fingers more easily, and it also feels like the stiffness is gone!"
Mr Spiff Nimi
Read More
"This is the only product that has worked for me, my wife and most of my friends. We have used it and I can say that it really works."
Mrs Yewande Adelakun
Read More
"Leg pain is a really common issue for me. I used to take tons of ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory drugs. I tried this herbal treatment and it worked wonders for me, I couldn't believe it."
Mrs Ekperechukwu
Read More
"I had a very bad case of arthritis in my knee and I was in pain for about a year and a half. During the holidays I was forced to not be active and rest in bed because it hurt so bad. Within 6 weeks of taking this product, I have been able to get back to walking everyday without much pain! This is a great herbal formula that has helped me so much!""
Mr Sukore
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"My wife started taking this herbal remedy capsule for knee and hip pain after our son recommended it. She noticed significant reduction in her joint pain after a couple of weeks of taking it. I started taking this a couple of weeks after my wife started, and I have also noticed improvement in knee and hip pain after about two weeks of use. I also suffer from foot pain, overall, I am satisfied that I have had significant pain reduction. I do not attribute this amelioration of my pain merely to a placebo effect, since the am happy. "I'm living proof that this product works. "
Mr Steve Olubode
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Two thumbs up for this product. I have been using this herbal remedy capsules for 2 months now and am amazed at the relief it has given me. I am a 55 y/o male with psoriatic and osteoarthritis. Pain and discomfort are a daily grind for me. I start most days with serious pains. I noticed measurably less joint pain and stiffness after the 1st month. Honestly I was skeptical prior to trying it as most remedies I have tried in the past have failed miserably. Now, by no means am I 100% but compared to where I was I am extremely pleased with where I am now. I absolutely suggest for people suffering from joint pain to try it. This is a good product
Queen Osaremen
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"I had a serious injury to my shoulder. Severely strained rhomboid muscle is what the doctor said. He gave me the usual pain reliever for the pain". That went on for about three weeks but the pain was incredible. I was even seeing a physcial therapist. After doing my research, i found this product. I was skeptical at first. The pain was too much i could try anything at that point. I figured that there was no harm in trying since its NAFDAC approved. I started taking 2 in the morning and 2 at night. By the third week, the pain in my shoulder was significantly reduced and I had full mobility. I am in total disbelief. I wish I saw this herbal remedy capsule earlier before dumping all my money on useless drugs and physical therapy. I can't say this is the end all be all but at 43, I can say this has made a huge difference for me"
Mr Ladi
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"After much experimentation, I had settled on painkillers for my osteoarthritis, as well as old injuries that had become arthritic and very painful. I tried other products that failed to give the same relief. In desperation, i was buying every pain product that was recommended to me by friends and family. My pain and stiffness never went. It was unbearable, especially at night. It was difficult to sleep at night. An old colleague recommended this capsules and told me to try it. I thought it was one of those things i had wasted money on in the past, but because of the serious pains, i decided to try it as well. After about 4 weeks, i must confess this herbal remedy capsules has met and exceeded my every expectation! I’ve used this product daily for two months now, and just re-ordered it. Highly recommend!"
Mr Johnson
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"My wife had been complaining about knee pain for like 7 months, she told me about this product, i was sceptical at first, but with faith, i got it for her. She has been using it for one month now and it helped to relax her knees and she had a wonderful nights sleep...thank you for this product. Now we can sleep in peace without her having pains at night"
Olimekun Ali
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"I used this product for my knee pains. This product works. I use twice a day and i love the results so far. The pain in my knees have reduced and i know it will get better in the coming weeks. I will recommend this product to everyone having pain on the knees."
Mr Olise
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"My sister recommend this when I started experiencing knee problems. I was kind of skeptical about it working. But it really does. The aches and pains gone. I order this often and find myself giving a extra bottle i have to family who experience arthritis. I will 100% recommend this product."

It is Recommended to combine ArthoVive With the Herbal Mixture and Herbal Balm and to get the best result

The Truva Naturals Herbal Mixture is a NAFDAC APPROVED unique mix of herbal extracts that work with your body’s natural processes to restore your body to its default factory settings.

When your body is in its optimal condition, any medical treatments or remedies you use will work more effectively. Thats exactly what the herbal mixture does.

It Helps Prevents Many Diseases by clearing out toxins from the body,it Boosts the Immune system, Improves Overall health and Helps other medications work faster and better.

Truva Naturals Herbal mixture maximizes the impact of your medications. By fortifying your cells and organs, it creates the right foundation for other medications to achieve their full potential.

We understand that true relief from joint pain and arthritis is a comprehensive approach. That’s why we introduced the Herbal Balm. It’s the perfect addition to your journey to lasting pain relief and overall well-being.

The Herbal Balm uses a proprietary blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and nutrients to deliver targeted relief to aches and pains. So, while the Herbal Capsule is fighting the pain inside the body, the balm is fighting it from the outside.

Apply the balm directly to the areas where you experience pain and discomfort. The targeted approach ensures that you get the relief right where you need it most, whether it’s your knees, back, waist, or any other troublesome joint.

If you order now, you will get the Herbal Mixture & Herbal Balm For FREE


Special Discount Offer: ₦17,500

Order now to secure this incredible deal! Get ArthoVive for just ₦17,500 and also get The Herbal Mixture and Balm for FREE.

This offer is only available for a limited time. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to finally say good-bye to joint pains and arthritis.

This offer expires in:


2 Weeks Treatment

2 Weeks
  • 1 Bottle
  • 60 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

1 Month Treatment

4 Weeks
  • 2 Bottles
  • 120 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

6 Weeks Treatment

1 Month and 2 Weeks
  • 3 Bottles
  • 180 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

2 Months Treatment

8 Weeks
  • 4 Bottles
  • 240 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

10 Weeks Treatment

2 Months and 2 Weeks
  • 5 Bottles
  • 300 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

3 Months Treatment

12 Weeks
  • 6 Bottles
  • 360 Capsules
  • FREE Herbal Mixture
  • FREE Herbal Balm

🌐 Comprehensive Support:

Your health is our top priority, and our commitment to you doesn’t stop after you purchase our product; it marks the beginning of our shared journey.

We provide comprehensive after-sale support to help you stay healthy and derive maximum value from our products.

Our team of experts is more than just a support system; we’re your partners in your healing journey, standing by to answer your questions, provide guidance, and ensure your well-being. Our relationship with you is built on trust, care, and a genuine desire to see you stay healthy. 

Thank you for choosing Truva Naturals – we’re privileged to be part of your wellness journey.

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