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    HEMOCLEN (Blood Purifier) 16,500.00

    Hemoclen is a blood purifier made from natural herbs that effectively cleans your blood and blood vessels removing toxins and other impurities that may damage vital organs. The main ingredient in this herbal formulation is a potent root- Genus articium( Burdock) that has traditionally been used for centuries  to purify the blood naturally .

    Recent scientific evidence shows that Genus articium contains active ingredients in its root system that effectively remove toxins from the blood and promotes increased blood circulation. This blood purifying herb is also very potent against cancers and can stop the growth and spread of certain cancers like pancreatic cancer.

    Your body requires blood to absorb the goodness of vitamins and minerals. If your blood is polluted with toxins, it will not be as efficient at removing these toxins from your system. Hemoclen is a product that naturally purifies your blood, keeping it clear from all toxins, helping with maintaining optimum health.

    Dutch scientists found that toxins in the blood stream correlated with the onset of all diseases, but by purifying your blood , the health problems could be tackled at the root cause.

    Working with your body’s own defense system, Hemoclen was proven to be 1000x more effective in the cleaning of blood vessels and blood purification.

    For those who want to live healthier lifestyles, Hemoclen offers natural solutions that fight a variety of health ailments while preventing others from even starting!

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